Drain Jetting

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Clear out blocked drains

High-pressure water jetting by a trained professional is quick and efficient. Water is injected into the drain without the inconvenience of digging up sections of drainpipe, in order to remove accumulated grease, dirt, detergents and other deposits that have built up within the drainage system over a number of years.

Roots which have invaded the drains can also be removed by high-pressure water jetting, using specialised cutting tools driven by water jets.

    Why high-pressure jetting?

    Deposits build up on pipe walls over time, slowing the movement of the water contained and allowing more deposits to form. High-pressure water jetting acts like a sharp knife, cutting grease off the pipe walls and flushing sediments down the line with the water used in the process.

    Frequent high-pressure water jetting is often necessary to remove the accumulation of grease, sludge, mineral deposits, fats and debris that accumulate in the drains of launderettes, restaurants and other commercial premises.

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