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Don't let a cesspool be a drain: call on Ashfield Effluent Services Ltd

Cesspools are different from septic tanks and are used solely for the storage of sewage. They do not drain off to a soakaway system: they are a sealed tank that has to be emptied regularly.

Every drop of water from the property goes into a cesspool tank. When it's full, it’s emptied using a vacuum tanker and taken to a licensed sewage works.

    Things to remember about cesspools:

    A leaking cesspool can lead to polluting water supplies, which is a criminal offence - so ask us to investigate any kind of leak as soon as possible. Old cesspools need a thorough examination to make sure they still adhere to current legislation.

    Just give us a call and we'll be out to you quickly. Bear in mind that if you use 35000 gallons of water every year, you then have to have that amount of water removed every year!

    Professional cesspool emptying from Ashfield Effluent Service Ltd
    Wherever you are, we'll get our tanker out to you and have your cesspool emptied in a jiffy.
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